ORANA - The Journey

Posted by Isaac Forman on

Perhaps my favourite restaurant (not that the term adequately describes what they do) in Australia is ORANA, in the East End of Adelaide.

I have posted previously about Jock Zonfrillo and his philosophy & vision. He has visited more than 250 Aboriginal communities in the last couple of years, gathering knowledge that will not only drive an evolution of authentic Australian cuisine, but will preserve tradition as the knowledge & ways of Australias indigenous people is threatened by the mortality of tribal elders. 

I have eaten at ORANA three times since it opened & I can not speak highly enough of the experience. As mind bending, brilliant & thought provoking as it is delicious. 

While Heston & the Fat Duck are getting all the plaudits, ORANA is its equal in every sense, except for the price tag. 

Here's a video I think explains the depth & intent of ORANA brilliantly. Watch, share & enjoy...


Orana - The Journey from Jock Zonfrillo on Vimeo.


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