A word on the price of my wines

Posted by Isaac Forman on

Hi Friends,

I would appreciate if you would take the time to read the below with an open mind. It is something about which I have thought a lot before publishing.... If you have some feedback on any of the below I would be pleased to hear from you via social media or email.

As of July 2013 I have undertaken to ensure my own online store is the best value place to purchase my wines. Why? Well with the emergence of the big chains, group buying and deal sites, the notion of recommended retail price (RRP) has been devalued to a point where I think it redundant for a small wine producer.

Via this website and my various social media tools;


We interact, we communicate and many of you have built (or are building) a direct relationship with me, the producer.

Well I have realised recently, I should also be making it easy for you to continue that relationship with me, the producer, by removing the barrier of price.

You may find my wines elsewhere at marginally higher prices. These retailers are not attempting to rip you off, they are simply running their businesses. At the retail level I deal mostly with independent operators, some have higher costs of running their business then others and accordingly may have higher margins. Please support these guys. They are critical to our industry and many are staffed by professionals with a wealth of wine knowledge.

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