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Top Tasting Notes

Part of the fun of the Vinteloper Urban Winery Project has been the Tasting Menu cards. These simple pieces of cardboard are given to each person who pays for the tasting flight, lists the wines I have made previously that are available for tasting, a bit about me and how I make the wines & each person is encouraged to jot a few tasting notes about the wines.

There have been some very interesting responses over the first couple of weeks so I thought I would share a few here. Some of these folks (those with @ before their names) you will find on twitter - if you'd like to stir them up, I have no problem with it...

Vinteloper 2011 McLaren Vale Pinot Gris:
@MikaelLiddy: "Smells like a sausage roll with sauce" (Something tells me Mikael might have been on the sauce that night...)
AMAR: Tastes like London Water. (Not sure if that's a compliment or not....)
Mark: "Holden WON - we're all winners"
Rachael: "This one made me giggle. You should name it Pinot Gigglio"

Vinteloper 2011 Watervale Riesling
@tpurgacz: "Oops all gone - glass smells like Orange citrus after"
Renee Mayo: "like a smack in the face, but worth it :-)"
@TripleB: "Get in & around my mouth"

Vinteloper 2010 Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir
Jasmine: "Orgasmic"
Scott: "Smokier than a cuban cigar"
Kinks: "Ohhhh wo oh oh SWEET CHILD O MINE!"

Vinteloper 2011 Adelaide ADELO
Matt: "There's a party & everyone's invited!"
Tami: "voulez vous coucher avec moi, ce tois"
Alex: "This one smells like trees"

Vinteloper 2009 McLaren Vale Shiraz
Justine: "Mmmmmmmmm don't leave me!"
Scott: "More tenacity then a dubstep loving bogan"
Amanda: "It's like sex in my mouth"


Insightful stuff...



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