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7th March 2012

Vinteloper Urban Winery Project Blog

Episode 1 - Stephen K Amos

So there is a bit of back story here... On Friday afternoon while setting up the space at 188 Grenfell St my wonderful sister Monique, producer for Amanda Blair's afternoon program on 5AA rings me; "we've got comedian Stephen K Amos on air and he has a question about wine. We need a winemaker...". 

So there was a bit of banter, I helped out with the question and was able to throw in a bit of a plug for the Vinteloper Urban Winery Project and for Vinteloper more generally. 

Fast forward to yesterday when some friends dropped in at #VUWP while on their way to see Stephen K Amos. I gave them a bottle of ADELO and said; "see if you happen to get close enough to give this to him - he might remember me"

Well this is what happened... Hahaha



From: Josh Moorfoot

Subject: Stephen K Amos

Date: 7 March 2012 11:19:03 AM AEDT

To: David Bowley <david@vinteloper.com.au>


So last night was a success….somewhat.

After seeing you we went for dinner at the Saracen’s and while having a glass of vino, the man himself walks into the bar. As I pointed to say “Hey, there he is!” I managed to knock my near full glass of Cabernet all over my shirt, jeans and Lisa’s new jacket. The noise was enough for Stephen to turn around in time to see me swearing and madly mopping up….awesome!

After cleaning myself up in the toilet, I cautiously went up to introduce myself and act like I wasn’t someone that he could talk about in his show. I told him about you (he did remember) and he was very appreciative to receive the wine. He also asked that I write down the address for “the project”.

Cut to the end of the show – he tells the audience about his friends comedy shows and that they should all go and visit him at your place (reads out your name & the address) where he will be “drinking copious amounts of Vinteloper wine and getting off my face”.

Josh Moorfoot

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