The Vinteloper Winery Project

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28th February 2012.


Today, I can officially announce something very exciting for Vinteloper & the city of Adelaide. 


The Vinteloper Winery Project 


The idea:

Install a working micro winery in the Adelaide CBD for 4 weeks from March 1st to April 1st 2012, a first time concept for Adelaide. 



A unique artisan, cultural, educational project to add another level of interest and excitement to the Adelaide CBD during this showcase time of year. The Project will manufacture real wine using premium wine grapes sourced from McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills & Clare Valley wine growing regions. 



Courtyard of 188 Grenfell St Adelaide.




1) As a cultural, educational & art driven concept, or working art installation.


2) Quirky, unique promotion of Vinteloper Wines & artisan winemaking.


South Australia is such a strong wine state yet reasons to celebrate this are often limited. As Australia’s largest producer of wine, by volume, residents of Adelaide & greater South Australia can connect to more than just Food & Wine festivals. This Project provides them the opportunity to connect on a more basic level with the concepts of wine production.


The genuine intention is to open the space for the public to sit, observe, soak up the cultural and artistic experience that is boutique winemaking. The smells, the sights, the interaction with the winemaker are all unique and attractive concepts. 


Tasting flights of Vinteloper Wines will also be a feature, at $15 to taste any 5 of the available wines from the Vinteloper range & discuss them with friends & with David. 


Below is the media release that has been issued


Please come along and support!!






Adelaide has welcomed a wave of pop-up food & wine events, and now artisan winemaker David Bowley has swapped his Hills Vineyards for the city in Adelaide's first Pop-Up Winery project.


The winemaker & innovator is installing a working micro-winery in the Adelaide CBD for 30 days, from March 2nd, one of only a handful of such projects in the world. 


A disused Grenfell Street courtyard space will house the project  - a unique addition to an East End already heaving with Mad-March activity – and will be the chance for the public to connect with the artisan side of winemaking . 


“We’re such a strong wine state, that I wanted to give people the opportunity to associate with wine in a different way than the usual cellar door visit or food and wine festival.”


The Grenfell Street space will see grapes delivered directly from the vineyard, with foot-trodding, fermenting, basket pressing and processing to maturation in barrel all done on site.


“It’s an artistic and cultural exhibition of sorts” he says. “It demonstrates in a public way that winemaking is as much about art as it is about science”


The Vinteloper Winery Project will be operational for 12 hours a day, adding another level of interest and excitement to the Adelaide CBD this March, with special events and tastings planned for Thursdays through to Sundays.


“I want to encourage people to visit - bring their lunch, conduct a meeting, or just sit and observe and immerse themselves in the educational, cultural & artistic aspects of winemaking.” 


The Vinteloper Winery Project

188 Grenfell Street, City (Enter off Union St)

March 2nd till April 1st

Open 12pm - 12am daily. 



David Bowley - 0415 297 787

T. @Vinteloper    FB.

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