VUWP / Steen Jones Collaboration

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The Vinteloper Urban Winery Project [#VUWP] is an initiative that pulls back the curtain on wine production and invites you backstage into a rare and often unseen cavern where we practice the art of creating fine wine. 

Now into its fourth year #VUWP 'pops up' each year from Mid Feb until late March in otherwise disused spaces, transporting grapes from the vineyard into the urban space where the public can foot crush, ferment, basket press and help transfer to maturation in oak while feasting and imbibing on a multi-sensory experience. The aim is to demystify wine through interactive demonstration, participation, education and of course, appreciation. 

These grapes, made into wine, are not just for show. Each year Vinteloper has released a wine commemorating #VUWP. The wine is matured then bottled just prior to the commencement of the following season, where it will be exclusively available. 

The Steen Jones collaboration - VUWP Red # 2 [2014]

A Shiraz + Malbec blend, produced in the Adelaide Central Market, 66 Gouger St, Adelaide SA.

Having followed Steen Jones for quite some time, it was an opportune meeting with Christopher Skyner of Authority Clothing that led to this collab. Christopher & Steen are close & when we got chatting about an Authority / VINTELOPER collaboration the ideas flowed. I mentioned the Urban Winery Project and how I wanted to present the wine in a way that would reflect its origins, being from the street. Steen was enthusiastic about this project right away & I knew it was right.

Available online from April 7th. 

$28 per bottle or 6-pack $155 plus freight.


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