Tuesday Test Kitchen - Super-food Chicken Soup with Corn & Kale

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Chicken Soup - Unglamorous.
It's the Amy Schumer of cuisine. Not flashy yet with mysteriously iconic status, it's difficult to remember when you experienced it for the first time. Every time you really enjoy it & are left wanting more. 

Inspired by a delicious lunch shared with friends at Sun Moth Canteen & Bar last week in Melbourne, this is Chicken Soup with a super-food twist.   

Ingredients: [serves 6]
A free-range uncooked chicken. [1.5kg +]
6 bay leaves.
2 stalks of celery. sliced.
1 medium sized sweet potato. peeled & diced. 
1 red onion. peeled & diced. 
3 cloves garlic. peeled & crushed. 
2 carrots. peeled & diced. 
2 zucchini. Slice 'ribbon-thin' using a vegetable peeler or mandoline.
2 bunches of kale. remove leaves from stalks.
1 cup corn kernels. 

Wash the chicken well then place it in a large pot & cover with water. 
Place the pot on the stove over high heat & add celery, onion, garlic, sweet potato, carrot & bay leaves. 

Right about now you'll need to open a bottle of wine because the next step takes patience. We opened a bottle of Adelaide Hills PN/14 Pinot Noir. Sour cherry, thyme, cinnamon & woodsmoke provide great balance against he sweetness of the carrot & corn in this soup. 

Once the pot reaches the boil, reduce heat to low/medium, enough to maintain a gentle boil or simmer. Allow to cook for 70 minutes. 

Maintaining the optimum temperature is key here. No rolling boils please!

TIP: Rolling boils jostle & disturb food & cause the outside of foods to be cooked well before the insides are. Gentle boils, or simmers, lead to less disturbance during cooking, which leads to less disintegration & a better result. Slow & low wins this race. 

After 70 minutes, remove the chicken from the pot & place in a dish to cool.
Add the kale & corn to the soup. 
After a few minutes, once cooled, discard the skin, remove all bones & shred the chicken meat. 
Return the shredded meat to the soup & once the Kale has wilted you're ready to serve. 

Tom: "Look, it's all completely chicken soup"
Nick the Greek: "It's what?"
T: "Kosher. As Christmas."
N: "The Jews don't celebrate Christmas Tom"
T: "Yeah, well never mind that..."
Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. 
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