Tuesday Test Kitchen // Life Hack - One Handed Breakfast

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How's things? Busy?
Me too.
Take 2 minutes to absorb this life hack & it could be repaid 5 fold each week from now until eternity.

After spending some time in New Zealand, a place where Hokey Pokey is a flavour [wtf?], Peanut Butter comes in dark chocolate flavour [yes!], you realise they look at things differently.
Move over Pavlova because our Kiwi counterparts have uncovered more genius.
The 'Paleo' Muffin.
Before you throw those activated almonds back in my face, this morning life-hack is so simple & likeable it doesn't feel Pete Evans at all. 

Prep time // 5 mins
Cooking time // 25 mins
= you covered for the week. 

Here's what you need [makes 6]
6 eggs.
3 cherry tomatoes, halved.
6 slices of ham // middle bacon

Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees fan forced.
Take a muffin tray. Brush with olive oil or butter to prevent sticking.
Wrap slices of ham [or bacon] on the perimeter of the muffin holes.
Crack each egg into one of the muffin holes.
Tear some spinach & add to the muffin holes, ensuring to submerge some under the egg.
Add half a cherry tomato to each muffin hole.
Season with salt & pepper.
[for extra punch place a small chunk of fetta or similar on top]
Bake at 200 degrees for 25 minutes.

Keep these in the fridge for a week of amazingly fast & easy breakfasts. 

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