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Fact check: Does swirling your wineglass make you a wanker?

Swirling the wine in your glass is perfectly natural. 

I hear you asking, 'why would I want to risk looking like a wanker or spilling wine on myself or others?'

Most wines are a little shy when they’re first poured into your glass.
Reluctant to reveal their charms a good swirl will break the ice.
Try it for yourself.
Don't swirl before your first sniff & taste. Then swirl and repeat.

That first inhale might leave you perplexed. A wine’s bouquet might not be readily evident. And when you taste, the flavours might not be as full on as you’d expected. This suggests the wine is a little closed.

It’s time to open it up by giving it a swirl. When you do, you should notice a big difference.

When you swirl, you introduce oxygen to the mix. This breaks down…or 'opens up'…the wine. Aromas start to emerge from the glass. Flavours unfurl. It’s a wondrous thing to behold and a cool comparison.

That’s why a little wine swirling makes a big difference.  

Excessive swirling won’t make you go blind. 
It won’t make hair grow on your palms. 
So don’t be afraid to do it in public.
Do it sitting down in a restaurant.
Do it standing up at a barbecue.

Just do it and enjoy the benefits.

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