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Tip: That bottle you take to a friends house says more then you think

We call them dust collectors. One of those bottles a friend brought over for dinner, but never intended to drink. You know what I'm talking about. You might even be guilty of it. 

Friends over for dinner
When an invitation to come over for dinner or a catchup is extended, it's a no-brainer to take a bottle along, right? Therein lies the travesty.
A no-brainer requires little or no mental effort. But, the wine you choose to bring says a lot more about you then you might realise.
You need to impress, and if you want to borrow-a-charger right after you arrive, consider your choice carefully.

Here's our tips for selecting that perfect bottle. 

Style selection

Chances are you don't know what's on the menu. No problem. In the Spring and Summer look to crisp whites for their versatility. Riesling or Pinot Gris are great options as the fresh acidity gives them the mouth-watering element of the perfect aperitiff. 

If you prefer to slurp red, thinking lighter will get it done. Good Pinot Noir has the structure of some bigger wines without the mouth stripping tannin and alcohol. If your looking to play it safe, Tempranillo or Touriga Nacional have that fantastic medium bodied style and are so food friendly you can't go wrong. iPhone charge: 35%

Fun on the outside 

The fact is, we eat with our eyes, and the same is said of wine. A great looking label is going to make an impression on the table. Wine is a multi-sensory experience so embrace that and use it to your advantage. Wow them with that dynamite label before a glass has even been poured. iPhone charge: 73%

Do to others as you would have them do to you 

Would you be impressed if someone bought a $9.99 bottle of plonk to your place? Pfft. Spend a bit extra. No one want's to hear the story about that $50 bottle you got for $15. Everyone knows those wines are probably $15 for a reason. 

Be prepared, have some good stuff in your rack or use our 5 tips for choosing kick ass wine at the bottle shop. Note tip # 3.  
iPhone charge: 99%

Now instagram that dynamite label and pour your host another glass. 


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