Wines you should match with Christmas lunch

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Matching wine with Christmas Lunch

With all the effort that goes into creating the perfect festive feast, now is not the time to pull out the cask wine. You're an adult. An adult that can wield a prawn on a barbie, pull a ham outta the oven, and possibly carve a Turkey.

On Christmas day, you need something fitting of the occasion. Something that's going to knock the edge off seeing your weird Uncle and his new girlfriend. 

If you've been paying attention to our previous tips about which wine to take to a friends house, the temptation is to pick something that will just look good on the table. Well it's time to graduate from showy impressions and consider something that'll also work perfectly with the food. 

Give your palate the gift of harmonising flavours this Christmas, and try these winning combinations:

To drink when opening presents:
Last week we told you why you should be popping Prosecco this Christmas.

To drink with seafood:
It's gotta be a classic Clare Valley Riesling. Despite perceptions otherwise, Aussie Riesling is typically dry, and with its complex citrus flavours, ideal for whiting, prawns or oysters.  
Go for our R/16 Riesling or check out one of our favourite friends, Vanguardist Wines.

To drink with Turkey:
First thing to remember, Turkey is a lean meat and that means medium bodied wine. Think Pinot Noir or Nero D'Avola. You see the astringency you feel from most red wines (Tannin) is highly reactive with fat molecules. When matched with lean meat big red wines may appear overly astringent and unpleasant. Our tip? Dig something old out of your cellar and let it shine. Tannins will naturally diminish with cellaring and you've been saving that bottle for a special occasion anyway!  

To drink with ham:
Have you noticed all these freshly released 2016 vintage red wines on shelves already? These are going to sing when paired with Christmas ham. They have loads of complexity but plenty of freshness and just the right amount of astringency to play off the fat content of the ham. 
One of our favourites right now is Park Wine / Red / 2016. A bright, fresh Dolcetto dream.

To drink with pudding:
Port. I know you've got a bottle lying around somewhere. Remember how delicious they are? Pop open a tawny and it'll last right through the festive season. Perfect for all those left overs.

To drink the next day while watching the cricket?
You can't go past a cold draught.

Cheers and Merry Christmas.

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