Make it Prosecco pronto this Christmas.

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Corks will be popping in a little under two weeks, so it’s time to think about which fizz you’ll have chilled for December 25th.

Prosecco is for picnics

Champagne has always been the go-to wine for celebration but as we rapidly roll toward 2017 there’s a new kid in town.

Prosecco is the Italian counterpart to Champagne, and it’s rapidly gaining popularity. Us Aussies have slurped more Prosecco in the last year than the previous five years combined. It’s the new black.

Hailing from the North East of Italy, Prosecco is made from a variety called Glera, but prior to 2009 it was actually called Prosecco.

So originally this is where the name came from but why the identity crisis?
With the newfound success of this Italian sparkling wine, authorities renamed the variety so Prosecco, also a village near Trieste, could be registered as a region and protected in the same way as Champagne. Prego.   

With its fresh, fruity, easy drinking yet sophisticated style, Prosecco has become a must have in your fridge this summer.

Like its Italian roots, Prosecco feels luxurious without the need for ceremony. Like a mini celebration everytime, it’s just as acceptable to pop a bottle with some cheedar and jatz as it is on a big occasion.

Easily the best reason to be on trend with these bubbles this season is its incredible value. Prosecco has that Champagne feeling without the Champagne price. When it comes to bang for buck, it’s almost impossible to beat. 

You’ll find great examples, both Aussie and Italian, on the shelves well under $25.

Here's our pick of some great value bottles and where to get them.


La Prova $25

Made by Sam Scott in the Adelaide Hills with fruit from the alpine climate of the King Valley VIC. Light, bright and vibrant.

Available online at


Guerrieri Rizzardi $22

Fresh & Dry. Available from East End Cellars, Adelaide.


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