Urban Winery Project - Season 2017

Posted by David Bowley on


If you've followed the evolution of the Vinteloper Urban Winery Project from its inception then the following will come as no surprise.

If not, then heck! Where have you been!?

We are gearing up to bring our winery to you in 2017. 


Some of you know the drill...but for the newbies, once a year during harvest, we bring our entire winery, grapes, barrels, presses to a pop-up space and we get everyday people to take off their shoes and stomp grapes with us.

Once again we are partnering with some of Australia's best chefs to bring you an unforgettable food and wine experience.

See what the fuss is about at the website urbanwineryproject.com and register to get first access to announcements and tickets.

2016 was a sell-out season, so jump on it and register now.

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