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New Release Box
New Release Box

New Release Box

When we realised all our new releases were going to drop in the same week, we thought, why not package them up?

Available in a 3- or 6-pack, taste our newbies:

Our Fumé Blanc. Sauvignon, with a Vinteloper twist.

Our Chardonnay. A bang-pop of grapefruit pith and complex ripe stone fruit.

Our signature Pinot Noir. Classic, pure, our go-to on the wine rack.

1x 750ml Fumé Blanc
1x 750ml CH/20 Chardonnay
1x 750ml PN/20 Pinot Noir

2x 750ml Fumé Blanc
2x 750ml CH/20 Chardonnay
2x 750ml PN/20 Pinot Noir

Amount 3-pack

Only left in stock