Park Wine - Red [2021]
Park Wine - Red [2021]
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Park Wine - Red [2021]

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Amount:1 bottle
The devil of Park Wine is not in the detail.
It’s in where, and how, you choose to drink it.

The spirit of Park Wine is unbiased. Committed to the lo-fi style some call minimal intervention. To us, it's a means of disruption, and recognition that Park Wine has no rules.

It's for fun, enjoyment and a laugh when you pull out the bottle.

Park Red is all about Grenache.
Pointing to the sky and screaming; 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....
It's juicy and bursting to jump into your glass, then out again.
Dried cherry, raspberry lolly, blood orange, Aperol, and fennel. Raucous yet unusual it's packed with strawberry sorbet, kirsch and juicy red fruits.
Serve chilled* *Or don't... Park Wine flaunts the rules.

Where it comes from
  • Would be significant if the wine was serious. It's not. 
  • Grenache!
  • Riverland, South Australia
  • Label art by @shazhong
What we did to it
  • Fun. Not facts. 
  • This is Lo-Fi Red Wine.
  • We refused to interfere with nature.
  • Harvested 'early' keeping the freshness high and alcohol low.
  • A short period of very old oak maturation, not for 'oakiness' but to allow time for the wine to compose itself. 
  • Un-fined & unfiltered [so expect slight sediment]
Other stuff?
  • 11.6% alc/vol
  • Serve chilled. Straight from the fridge!
  • VERY low levels of preservatives, so drink it young and fresh.
What we match it with
  • Don't worry about food, it's just a refreshing beverage.
  • Hot days + pool parties
  • Picnics + backyard cricket