PP/21 - Pinot Pinot Rosé
PP/21 - Pinot Pinot Rosé
Vinteloper - Rosé 2020 - Adelaide Hills Wine

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PP/21 - Pinot Pinot Rosé

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Amount:1 bottle
Great Rosè needs to feel refreshing; like biting into a perfectly crisp apple.

It must be carefree, modern and dry. Oddly refreshing but leave you salivating.

We choose to push the boundaries of modern Rosè style by leaning into our strength as Pinot professionals and taking the path less travelled with the Noir variety.

Lean and pale, we've got Watermelon and Strawberry underpinned by spiced nashi pear and ginger.  As the palate unfurls you'll be swept with juicy Pink Grapefruit and a Sherbet fizz.
The perfect crisp opening, building from there into a fresh and flinty finish. 11 out of 10 refreshment. 

Experimenting and refining. Combining our strengths.

Silver Medal.
90 points.
Royal Adelaide Wine Show 2021.
Tasting notes

The lean and pale hue sucks you in before the cherry and strawberry underpinned by spiced nashi pear and almond meal smack your senses around a bit. There is some austerity and texture through the palate too, becoming flinty and dry until the freshness washes it all away.

Where it comes from
  • Our home, the Adelaide Hills
  • Cold Climate - for fresh aromatics. 
  • Pinot Noir [66.7%] 
  • Pinot Gris [33.3%]
  • Label drawing: @shazhong
What we did to it
  • 2021 we came back to our Pinot + Pinot Roots.
  • Pinot Noir [66.7%]  Made like white wine, giving us complex dry Rosé flavour.
  • Extended lees contact - for creaminess and texture.
  • Pinot Gris [33.3%] Made like red wine, giving us all the colour and texture.
  • No oak - keeping it uber fresh.
  • Expertly blended for that harmony, balance and dry textural feel.
  • Made sure it's dry.
What we match it with
  • Sunshine.
  • Friends handing in the backyard or by the beach.
  • A big ass plate of kingfish sashimi.
  • Or whatever the hell you feel like at the time.