Park Wine - White [2021]
Park Wine - White [2021]
Vinteloper - Park Wine White 2020 - Adelaide Hills Wine

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Park Wine - White [2021]

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Amount:1 bottle
For drinking in the park. Made ignoring the rules we suggest you embrace the same spirit in the drinking.

It’s Gewürztraminer. Impossible to pronounce but easy to swallow.

Park Wine has no rules. It’s for fun, enjoyment and a laugh when you pull out the bottle. Preconceived ideas exist all around. The notion of Gewürztraminer as a sweet wine is one of those strongest notions. We’re challenging the generally accepted style of this variety by making a skin-contact white, so dry it’s like walking barefoot through the desert.

Find a park. No fancy glass is needed.

Tasting notes

Gewürtz has the most informative aromatics you'll find in the world of wine. Bright and lively, it's as if you've rushed into a Turkish delight factory. An assault on the senses.

Rosewater, musk lolly, candied honey, dried mango, orange rind and white flowers smash headlong into meyer lemon and crystalised ginger. Head exploding emoji!

Made like red wine, we allowed wild fermentation, leaving the wine in contact with the skins for 10 days. Picked a little earlier than some might, the battle is to keep it focussed after all that time on skins.

Where it comes from
  • Would be significant if the wine was serious. It’s not.
  • But in case you're interested - Eureka Vineyard, Adelaide Hills.
  • 100% Gewurztraminer; pronounced [ge ‘vyat stra mi na]
  • You’ll sound like a pro if you call it Gewürtz.
  • Label Art: @shazhong
What we did to it
  • Fun. Not facts.
  • Made an 'Orange' wine. 10 days on skins during fermentation.
  • We refused to interfere with nature.
  • A few months in seasoned French oak barriques. 
  • Un-fined & unfiltered [so expect it to be cloudy.]
Other stuff?
  • Convenient Crown Seal.
  • 11.7% alc/vol
  • Vegan friendly. 
  • Serve chilled
  • Single Vineyard
  • Adelaide Hills
What we match it with
  • Don’t worry about food, it’s just a refreshing beverage.
  • Hot days + pool parties
  • Picnics + backyard cricket