VNTLPR Subscription Box - 3 pack
VNTLPR Subscription Box - 3 pack
VNTLPR Subscription Box - 3 pack

Vinteloper Wines

VNTLPR Subscription Box - 3 pack

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Keeping you stocked with all the Vinteloper goodies. as often as you desire, from our farm to your front door.

The rise and rise of subscription boxes have now infiltrated wine. We're giving you the easiest possible option to support Vinteloper and make sure you've always got our handcrafted wines on hand.

Easily customise it to your tastes and to the seasons.

Which wines are in the box?

We put you in control. Want to choose the mix of wines? You can! Want to leave it to our expertise - we would love to help you! Or, make up some of the box and leave the rest to us. Ultimate flexibility.

What is the cost of shipping?

The cost of your subscription includes free shipping anywhere in Australia!

What day do you send out the boxes?

Along with all aspects of our subscription box that's completely up to you. At checkout simply nominate the day of the month that best suits.

Can I change the wines before you ship each box?

What did we say about ultimate flexibility? Of course you can. Log into your account up to 2 days prior to your scheduled order and simply update your choices.

Can I purchase this as a gift?

Yep! Like a membership to the jelly of the month club, this is the gift that keeps on giving the whole year. If you want a one-off gift, contact us here.

Are your wines vegan-friendly?

We don't use any animal products when we make our wines, so yeah, we think they are.

Am I locked in or can I cancel at any time?

We're not the lock you down type. Log in and cancel anytime up to 2 days prior to any scheduled shipment. No penalty. No hard feelings.