Our property is 30ha, but only 1/3rd of that is vineyard


The destructive nature of Bushfire is breathtaking.

It’s from the destruction we see incredible opportunity. The chance to rebuild is the chance to do it smarter and better with the benefit of experience.

More than grapes. We operate our farm with expansive consideration of our role in the environment. We use principles that advance our goal of Regenerative Agriculture


Sheep and goats are hilarious animals, but there is nothing funny about the serious job they do. Smart use of grazing is is the cornerstone of Regenerative Agriculture. 

Deployed on a rotational basis, animals reduce soil disturbance and improve soil biology.

Animals allow the reduction of farming inputs (both mechanical and chemical) as well as maintaining green cover above ground and root systems below ground.

working smarter

Non-vineyard area is divided into 14 small pastures and 3 dedicated biodiversity sanctuaries.

The 14 pastures allow us to manage and track grazing to the benefit of the soil and environment.

While 1 is being grazed, 13 others can be resting. Growing grass and supporting the fundamental functions of Regenerative Agriculture. 

A generational project, we understand that to get results is to be patient.