About Us

From the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, we're a winery started by a husband and wife who decided, on instinct, to skip through their own daisy fields.
Named for the interloper, to step out, do things different, open new possibilities and bottle great wine, it's this spirit, to bend a few rules, that is at the core of everything we do. 
To us, wine is more then a beverage, it's our way of life, so we're always dreaming about fun on the outside, while being serious about quality. 

Inherent in the craft, winemakers are faced with alternatives on a daily basis. The demands to be equal parts patient, decisive, brave, pragmatic, progressive & informed are high. 
As a child of the 80's, David is firmly equipped to tackle all of the above & more. Training in both Australia and France, with some of the biggest and smallest players in the game along the way, it was in 2008 he took the helm of Vinteloper.  Styled with a light touch, upbeat aromatics are the signature of his wines.

Preferring to stay out of the limelight, Sharon is the steady hand behind the intricate hand drawn illustrations adorning our labels. A student of free drawing and street art, refining her skills over the last decade, Sharon has worked closely with our friend Chantal [@fauxnonfaux] to bring the Vinteloper and Park Wine range labels to life.


Our home vineyard is at Norton Summit in the Adelaide Hills, a region brimming with creative energy and growing great produce. Planted 25 years ago, the soil profile and cool climate make us truly unique from a grape growing perspective and one of the best places to produce wine in South Australia.
We know the Adelaide Hills has loads of undiscovered potential and feel compelled to avow it.
To supplement our crop, additional grapes are grown for us by farmers with single vineyards in Langhorne Creek and the Clare Valley. We work with these farmers year after year as it supports their community and builds us a library of wine made by the influences of each season and evolution in our winemaking.

We love wine for what it represents. Personal time out from the world, a treat for you and your friends and something that energises the conversation. We also love wine because of its challenges. Whether in the making or the drinking, we can always learn, appreciate and experience more.
We aim to share knowledge, without pretension, through our unique events. To us learning about wine should be done the way we enjoy it, surrounded by friends, immersed in fun.