Why do we love it?

We love knowing that each day, somewhere in the
world, we've been on the table or in a glass during the good time's life
has to offer.

Vinteloper Vineyard in the Adelaide Hills. Recovering after the Adelaide Hills 2019 bushfires.

We also love wine because of its challenges. Whether in the growing, making or the drinking, we can always learn, appreciate and experience more. And when it comes to learning about wine, we believe it should be done the way we enjoy it, surrounded by friends, immersed in fun.

We sum it up simply. We're fun on the outside. Serious in the bottle.

Named for the interloper, to step out, do things different, open new possibilities and bottle great wine, it's this spirit, to bend a few rules, that is at the core of everything we do.

Lot 100 in the Adelaide Hills. Home of five craft beverage brands, restaurant dining available or drop in for a casual tasting on the lawns or deck.

Where are we?

Adelaide Hills

Lot 100 - Adelaide Hills - 6 course degustation with matched wines from our five beverage brands.

Our Cellar Door


Put together with our friends Mismatch Brewing Co, Adelaide Hills Distillery, Hills Cider Co and Ashton Valley Fresh, we're covering the best of South Australian food and craft beverages. 

It's a restaurant, by Chef Tom Bubner of Pizza e Mozzarella, Tasting Room, Wedding venue, picnic ground, concert venue and almost anything else you can imagine.

68 Chambers Rd,
Hay Valley

Thu - Sun, 11am - 5pm


Our Vineyard

The Adelaide Hills is a region brimming with creative energy and building a reputation for growing amazing produce. It is our home.

Our 30 acre vineyard is located between Lenswood and Lobethal, high in the central Adelaide Hills Wine Region. It's a rolling site with steep slopes, peaking at over 500m above sea level.

In addition to our own, we also source grapes from a handful of small vineyards across the region. We've been working with our grape growers year after year to support their families and communities while we build a library of wine influenced by the season and evolution in our winemaking.

Vinteloper team at our vineyard in the Adelaide Hills.

Who are we?

We're a winery started by a husband
and wife who decided, on instinct, to skip through their own daisy fields.