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Vinteloper - White Label

Hand drawn labels. Hand crafted wines.

When you want something fun on the outside, but tasty in the bottle, this is your go-to. 

Just as perfect for a quiet Wednesday cooking for two, as it is impressive looking on the table at friends on Saturday. 

PG/20 - Pinot Gris 

We say it’s like the Muhammad Ali of Pinot Gris. Floats like a butterfly. Stings like a bee.  
We know wine can be transcendent, and after initial bursts of freshness, our Pinot Gris is all about the funk and soul.
Taking its cue from the faint hue of orange/grey from extended skin contact, the tropical aromas of poached pear and peach jump straight out of the glass.
In the mouth the stone fruits are there, with cinnamon and vanilla pod spice, building generosity as it unfurls.

PP/20 - Rosè

Great Rosé needs to feel refreshing; like biting into a perfectly crisp apple. It must be carefree, modern and dry.
Oddly refreshing but will leave you salivating. The lean and pale hue sucks you in before the cherry and strawberry underpinned by spiced nashi pear and almond meal smack your senses around a bit.
There is some austerity and texture through the palate too, becoming flinty and dry until the freshness washes it all away.


PN/19 - Pinot Noir


Made chasing that analogue feel, like the sound of your favourite vinyl. It’s fine and floral from hand-tended vines.

It hits you with the perfume of sour cherry, spice and freshly turned earth to lead out, supported by rose petals & Turkish delight. The classic Vinteloper Pinot Noir prologue.

As you ease into the palate our light-handed touch becomes apparent with the wonderful tension it carries.

Backed by dried herb, ground cinnamon and woodsmoke, it’s pure in feel with years of great drinking ahead for the patient.



SH/18 - Shiraz

Imagine standing outside a bank, after a heist, with a sack full of cash. That rush lives in every glass.

The first thing that grabs your attention is the perfume. There are aromas jumping out everywhere!

It has the Vinteloper signature multi-layered bouquet of juicy fruit, clove, bay, pepper and dried apricot. In the mouth it’s got ‘mentos’ freshness.

Fresh and full of life. Then you’re met with heavily spiced fruitcake, coffee grounds and blackcurrant juice.