Park Wine - White [2023]
Park Wine - White [2023]
Vinteloper - Park Wine White 2020 - Adelaide Hills Wine


Park Wine - White [2023]

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For drinking in the park.

Made ignoring the rules we suggest you embrace the same spirit in the drinking.

The spirit of Park Wine is unbiased.
It has no rules.
It’s for fun, enjoyment and a laugh when you pull out the bottle.

Park White [2023] Gewürztraminer.

Impossible to pronounce but easy to swallow.

Preconceived ideas exist all around. Gewürzt can often be one-dimensional. The notion of Gewürzt as a sweet wine is one of those strongest notions. 

We’re challenging the generally accepted style of this variety by making a skin-contact white. Those skins amp up the texture with layer upon layer of flavour and interest.

So dry it’s like walking barefoot through the desert

Find a park. Embrace the vibe. 
No fancy glass is needed.