Park Wine - Red [2022]
Park Wine - Red [2022]
Vinteloper - Park Wine Red 2020 - Adelaide Hills Wine


Park Wine - Red [2022]

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For drinking in the Park.

The devil of Park Wine is not in the detail.
It’s in where, and how, you choose to drink it.

The spirit of Park Wine is unbiased.
Committed to the lo-fi style some call minimal intervention.
To us, it's a means of disruption, and recognition that Park Wine has no rules.

It's for fun, enjoyment and a laugh when you pull out the bottle.

Park Red [2022] Grenache.

Pointing to the sky and screaming; 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....
It's juicy and bursting to jump into your glass, then out again.

Intentionally made as a lighter style, chilled red, our aim here is to put a spotlight on chilled red wines. An ideal wine style for Aussie summers. 

Serve chilled* *Or don't... Park Wine flaunts the rules.