PN/23 - Pinot Noir
PN/23 - Pinot Noir
PN/23 - Pinot Noir
PN/23 - Pinot Noir
Vinteloper - Pinot Noir 2019 - Adelaide Hills Wine


PN/23 - Pinot Noir

Sale price$46.00
This is analogue wine.
No tech, just craftsmanship and care.
Like a classic car, it oozes raw style.

We know that growing and making Pinot Noir is rarely without obstacle.
That's why we love it and why we praise the accomplished seasons.

This vintage, arguably one of the finest for the White Label, holds promise for the ages. 

Only time will unveil the full extent of this brilliant release. 

Everyone needs a go-to Pinot on their wine rack. We've dedicated decades to make this yours.