MUSEUM RELEASE - R/15 Riesling 2015
MUSEUM RELEASE - R/15 Riesling 2015


MUSEUM RELEASE - R/15 Riesling 2015

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Putting into practice the '7-year rule' here with a re-release of our 2015, from our 6th ever Vintage. 

For Riesling, the rule of thumb seems to be 7 years as a minimum before you consider it aged.

Here at Vinteloper, we have always been obsessed with cellaring our wines and pulling them out to showcase again in future.

Riesling is a white wine that really suits the bright fresh, drink-now vibe, while also paying back patience if you have it.

Made from exactly the same grapes as ODEON Riesling, the artistic framework here is nuture; to use all the tools available to tweak and tinker in the chase for perfection.

The 2015
 was always a wine that filled us with pride. It represented the aggregation of marginal gains over the previous 5 seasons. The learnings and small adjustments yielded tangible improvements from previous releases.
It's that last 2% that is the hardest to achieve.


It was an early vintage across the board. Likely driven by the generally dryer and warmer second half of 2014, the vines got out of bed early and were ahead of schedule for most of the season.

Vintage began for us with the harvest of this Riesling on the 11th of February.
Anything pre-Valentines day is always a bit of a shock, and by the end of February we had already harvested 65% of our crop for the season. 


Absolutely. 7 years on you can see the 'green shoots' of aged Riesling beginning to develop. At this point in time the wine shows the best of its youth, blended with the aged character to come. Over the next 7 years those characters will continue to replace the youthful exuberance and that evolution will be incredible to behold.