NEONOIR [2023]
NEONOIR [2023]


NEONOIR [2023]

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Pinot Noir

NEO - from the Greek néos, meaning a new or revived form of.
NEON - Fluorescent.
'NEONOIR' = A fresh, bright, early-release (new) Pinot Noir. 
Straight up you get the sense this is good Pinot... It's bright, yet rather serious. 
Aromatically it's complexity plus, super perfumed and overt.
Spice-driven and savoury thanks to the whole-bunch character.
A saltiness enhances the flavour as the longer you sit with it the more serious and savoury it becomes.
Black Label.
Our experimental range where we can really flex our creative winemaking muscle. 
A place to try new things and challenge ideas.