'SKINS' [2023]
'SKINS' [2023]


'SKINS' [2023]

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Pinot Gris + Gewurz + Riesling

A skin-contact 'orange' style that's all kinds of fun. Pineapple, ginger and fresh marshmallows. 🚀
'SKINS' 2023 has that Summer cocktails, beachside Cabana vibe.
A pure winemaking flex, from the opening stanza of the 2023 vintage...

Recognising an extraordinary opportunity to play with these complementary varietals, we separated small batches upon arrival at the Winery. 

Founded in minimal intervention techniques throughout and bottled without fining so as to avoid fighting against all the layers and edges we sought to find.

Black Label.
Our experimental range where we can really flex our creative winemaking muscle. 
A place to try new things and challenge ideas.