The Urban Winery Project was always about making people's lives better.
A big statement? 
It's our belief that after hanging out with us, actually making wine, with courageous feet and loving hands, that every glass of wine our guests drink for the rest of your life is going to taste a little bit better.

Urban Winery Project Red # 1 [2013] 

Season 2 - Little Miss Mexico - Adelaide

Aglianico + Shiraz + Barbera + Sangiovese + Graciano + Pinot Noir


Impressive without fanfare. 


A wine that reminds me of a triathlete. Lean but powerful. Persistent lingering flavours that just run, run and run. Dark fruit and spice, dried herb, licorice, tar and violets. 


Back when Vinteloper was a true one-man-show, 2013 was the year that David didn't sleep. Between trying to make the normal wines by day, he worked 6-10 hours a night keeping the Urban Winery Project ticking along as part of Little Miss Mexico. At least once a week there was an all-nighter. 
6 varieties all fermented in small individual batches.
100% wild yeast then 11 months in seasoned French oak. 
Bottled without fining or filtration.
The second time we ran the event, but the first time we got it poppin'. 
At bottling we ran short on back labels which is why your bottle doesn't have one. ABV is 13.8%. 
Location: Little Miss Mexico - 188 Grenfell St Adelaide SA (now Roxie's)
Alternative varieties from Chalmers Nursery Vineyard, Mildura.
Shiraz and Pinot Noir from the Adelaide Hills. 
Label art: @shazhong
This label started as a doodle on The Adelaide Festival 2013 guide, and was the beginning of Sharon becoming the amazing artist behind the Vinteloper labels.
Bottles produced: 2416
Drink now to 2021.

Urban Winery Project Red # 2 [2014]

Season 3 - Adelaide Central Market

Shiraz + Malbec


It's warming in that open fire in winter kinda way. Also kinda extroverted. As if Hughesy was likable. 


Brash and complex. Blackberry and chocolate with a lick of freshness. A small amount of new oak provides the fine grained tannin centre encased by rich spiced fruitcake. Plenty of fanfare. 


Hand harvested by day then brought into the Adelaide Central Market in the early hours of the following morning. Fermented with Central Market derived wild yeast cultures, you can argue this wine actually tastes of Adelaide's beloved institution. 
Just 12% new oak used here so we could let the fruit speak. 
Unfined and unfiltered. 
Location: Adelaide Central Market - February and March 2014
Fruit from McLaren Vale and Clare Valley
Label art: @steen_jones
Bottles produced: 2052
Drink now to 2021.

Urban Winery Project Red # 4 [2016]

Season 5 - Gather & Tailor Warehouse - West Melbourne

Shiraz + Malbec


Imagine Ribena laced with Wizz Fizz! You’re getting closer. The energy of 225 people in every glass. It’s so lip-smacking it rings in your ears. Knitted together from start to finish, like crackling and apple sauce.


Harmony. That’s the aim of the game. It starts with the fruit, concentrated blackcurrant, yet more dark cherry, then the dried herb, and subtle earthiness pop through.

Over season 5 we hosted 225 brave souls who bared their soles in the name of winemaking. Grapes were hand harvested on the day of each event which almost led to our first ever cancellation. Grapes were delivered late on opening day which made for some sweaty palms. Quality was through the roof however so the wait was worthwhile. 
Location: Gather & Tailor Warehouse - West Melbourne VIC.
Fruit from Bendigo VIC + Langhorne Creek SA.
4 nights over 4 weeks.
A collaboration with some of Australia’s best Chefs.
Frank Camorra - Movida
Peter Gunn - IDES Melbourne
Ryan Flaherty - Mister Jennings
Sam Gant - Pot and Pan.
Label art: @laurenlostboys
Bottles produced: 2890
Drink now to 2022.

Urban Winery Project Red # 6 [2017]

Season 6 - Three Blue Ducks - Sydney 

Shiraz + Tempranillo


It's got that smooth barbershop quartet harmony. Imagine Homer, Skinner, Apu and Barney Gumble singin' "Baby on Board."  


Grape flavoured nerds meets marshmallows toasted on the campfire.
Up front you've got the fruit you know, blackcurrant and plum from Shiraz, all kept in check by the herbal and sophisticated restraint of Tempranillo.
It's hard to believe a wine this good was made by 300+ amateurs in makeshift Urban spaces. I guess it's proof that excellent vineyards, good oak and patience have a big part to play.


The unknown story of season 6 is that while setting up alone, the day before opening, DB managed to crush his hand. With lots to do and no one to do it he ignored the obviously broken 2 fingers and finished up around 10pm. The first half of opening day was in the ER at RPA Hospital! Lucky the team at Three Blue Ducks were so amazing to work with, as they took control and got the event up and ready. 
A highlight of this season was hosting @laurenlostboys who re-created the label art live for the audience. A piece that David and Sharon still have hanging in their home. 
Location: Three Blue Ducks - Sydney
Fruit from Adelaide Hills + Riverland SA.
Chef: A collaboration with the brains behind the Ducks and The Farm at Byron Bay, Andy, Mark, Jeff and the entire team.
Label art: @fredrocker
Bottles produced: 2588
Drink now to 2025.

Urban Winery Project Red # 7 [2018]

Season 7 - Three Blue Ducks - Sydney

Shiraz + Lagrein




Right away the Shiraz elements of this wine stand you to attention. There's a sense this is a full and powerful wine, and then the subtle Lagrein elements emerge bringing with them a not-so-serious side.
It's a mouthful of blackberry, bramble, leather and earth at first. Then you get this smooth carob sweetness and a freshly pulled shot of espresso.

The tannins are sandy, and as it all winds up this wine reveals it's a medium bodied feel with a fuller bodied length and drive. A classic bluff.


Location: A return season at Three Blue Ducks - Sydney.
Fruit from Adelaide Hills and Langhorne Creek.
Chef: Andy Allen (Masterchef Australia Winner 2012)
Label art: @alga_artist
Bottles produced: 2250
Drink now to 2025.

Urban Winery Project Red # 8 [2019]

Season 8 - Stomping Ground Brewing Co - Melbourne

Shiraz + Touriga 


If you could liquify the voice of Barry White and bottle it the taste would be something like this...


Never have we made an Urban Winery Project wine that is so purposeful and yet so calm. Satsuma plum, beetroot, fennel seed, dark chocolate and freshly ground coffee beans. 


Easily the most successful season to date, tickets were sold out in record time.
With season 9 all set to return to Stomping Ground the Adelaide Hills Bushfire put us on hiatus. Chances are we never return.  
Immediately each batch was shipped out of Stomping Ground Brewing Co to avoid any wild yeast contamination of their beers. 
Carefully matured in 25% new French Oak over 11 months. 
The first of the Urban Winery Project wines to be blended by Alyson and David together as he passed the Winemaking torch. 
Location: Stomping Ground Brewing Co - Melbourne. 
Fruit from Adelaide Hills and Langhorne Creek
Label art: @theartofalexis
Bottles produced: 4488
Drink 2021 to 2028