OPN/18 - ODEON Pinot Noir [2018]
OPN/18 - ODEON Pinot Noir [2018]


OPN/18 - ODEON Pinot Noir [2018]

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A wolf in sheeps clothing.

Just 1008 bottles produced.
Handcrafted in the Adelaide Hills.
Turn heads as you slide this on the table.

The story of ODEON Pinot Noir is something truly beautiful. A single-vineyard wine from grapes grown by our neighbour, Robb Cootes, who owns the most immaculate, well managed, near perfect, organic & sustainably managed vineyard we have ever seen.

His story is one that you can barely imagine happening today. In the late 1970's and early 1980's Robb knew he wanted to plant a vineyard, of Pinot Noir, in the cool climate of the Adelaide Hills. 

After searching the highest parts of the hills for the perfect blend of soil, rainfall, elevation, slope and aspect, he settled on a bushland plot just north east of Lenswood. 

Over the following few years, the sections set aside for the vineyard were cleared, with the rocks and trees that were removed used to hand-build a stone & wood house on the property.  An early pioneer of off-grid living, Robb's house ran only off solar power, a wood stove and harvested rainwater. 

His vineyard, every vine close-planted painstakingly by Robb, and nurtured from 1986 to today, is a beautiful reflection of his core personal values, attention to detail, and the 1008 bottles made are a tribute to his vision that began 40 years ago.

The perfect acknowledgement of dedication, for special moments and creating memories.